In our team, collaboration is key. With diverse skills and shared goals, we innovate and excel together.

Xavier Castells Cervelló

I am professor and head of the Translab research group at the University of Girona. I conduct Research on the risk-benefit ratio of medications and shared decision-making.

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Beatriz López Ibáñez

I am a professor at the University of Girona, and I lead the research in Medicine and Health of the eXiT group. I conduct research on Artificial Intelligence to support clinical decision-making and empower people with health problems.

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Domènec Serrano Sarbosa

I am a psychiatrist and a doctor by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I am head of the Acute Psychiatry Hospitalization Service at the Martí i Julià Hospital Park. In addition, I am a professor and coordinator of the subject of human behavior at the Faculty of Medicine of the UdG.

David Rigau

I am a physician specialized in clinical pharmacology and an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the UdG. At the Ibero-American Cochrane Center-Sant Pau Research Institute, I have participated in several national and international clinical practice guidelines. I conduct research on the factors that influence health recommendations.

Sandra Gelabert

I am a nurse, professor of the Department of Nursing and member of the Health and Health Care research group. I conduct research on health promotion, empowerment and health literacy of people with mental health problems and life skills, and teaching quality.

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Òscar Raya

I am a computer engineer, doctoral student at the University of Girona and member of the eXiT research group. My research focuses on clinical decision making using Artificial Intelligence.

David Ramírez

I am a physician, a predoctoral researcher in the TransLab research group at the University of Girona, as well as a resident doctor in Clinical Pharmacology at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital. I conduct Research on the benefit-risk relationship of mental health treatments and the application of decision sciences on informed and participatory therapeutic process.

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